How to Stop Diabetic Leg pain? Exercises and Remedy Tips

Some diabetic patients often face Leg pain and cramps while walking, Even if it is just a short walk. So why does it happen and how to stop diabetes leg pain? Today we will discuss the reasons for leg pain in diabetes and treatment of it.

Reasons for Diabetic Leg Pain

There are 2 main reasons for Diabetic leg pain, nerve damage due to high blood sugar and stiff muscles due to nutritional deficiency. High Sugar levels may cause nutritional deficiency. Deficiency of Potassium and Magnesium are the main reasons why our muscles are stiff.

Minerals are very important for muscle contraction and relaxation. Minerals like Sodium & Calcium help in Muscle Contraction while Potassium and Magnesium help in Muscle relaxation. High blood sugar in diabetes can decrease potassium and magnesium levels, which may not allow a muscle to relax. Unrelaxed muscles become stiff due to prolonged contraction. Prolonged contraction leads to pain.

How to Stop Leg Pain in Diabetes?


The first step to prevent Diabetic neuropathy or to stop leg pain in diabetes is to manage your blood sugar level. Diet is the most important to control blood sugar levels hence one must avoid the high glycemic index and high glycemic load food. Estimated Glycemic Load value per 100g of food items for more than 300 products can be checked in our EGL chart, to know the EGL value of almost all commonly used vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, download the chart. Other things to prevent leg pain are listed below.

  • Supplementation of Potassium and magnesium through diet or dietary supplements. Fruits, nuts, and seeds are good sources of Potassium. Try to eat more nuts and Low sodium salt also contains potassium. Normal table salt does not contain Potassium, while Low sodium salt contains 80-85% sodium chloride and 15-20% Potassium chloride. You can also try our NutraActive Mineral salt, which contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron etc.

For magnesium supplementation add more nuts and seeds to your diet, as they are rich in magnesium, and take supplements like Diabexy reversol tablet this supplement contains magnesium. 

Home remedies for diabetic leg pain

  • Drink 1 liter of Alkaline water [ Mix of pich of Baking soda and 2 pich of Mineral salt in warm water and drink in the early morning].
  • Do muscle stretching exercises like Hamstring stretching and calf muscle stretching. Incorporating regular exercise into your routine can lead to an abundance of health benefits, including enhanced blood circulation. This enhanced circulation plays a pivotal role in transporting oxygen and essential nutrients throughout your body, particularly to your lower extremities.
  • Follow a low EGL diet plan to manage blood sugar levels. Eat healthy protein and fat like Eggs, paneer, almonds, and green vegetables. You can also check out our 15-day diabetes diet plan to manage blood sugar levels in diabetes. 

Consuming a well-balanced diet holds significant potential for individuals managing diabetes-related nerve pain. Individuals can mitigate the risk of exacerbating nerve damage and alleviate underlying inflammation by opting for foods that regulate blood sugar levels effectively.

It would be best if you took advice from a doctor before implementing the simple tips because your doctor and you together need to work to achieve good health. These simple tips may help you manage your diabetic leg pain and may help in managing your blood sugar level. 


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