Why do Diabetics have Low Energy? Steps to Improve Energy


Why do diabetic patients have low energy? We learned from childhood that glucose is the source of energy but in diabetes, despite high glucose, they feel low energy. Why is it so? Why does diabetes cause fatigue? Let’s try to find out the reasons. 

Why does diabetes cause Fatigue?

When a person eats food, some part of the food converts into glucose through digestion. Glucose reaches inside cells and gets converted into energy through a metabolic process. Every metabolic process requires a lot of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. More glucose in the blood means more requirement of micronutrients. Deficiencies of micronutrients reduce the production of energy hence, a person feels low energy. In conclusion, we can say that Unmanaged blood sugar level and lack of micronutrients is the main reason for low energy and fatigue in diabetes.  

Tiredness in Low blood sugar level:

A person also feels low energy when their blood sugar is low. The reason for this is different from high blood sugar. A high dose of diabetic medicine or a high dose of insulin may cause low blood sugar, this situation triggers the stress response. Blood sugar less than 70 mg/dl may trigger a stress response, one must take some sugar to bring the blood sugar levels back to normal.  

Symptoms of diabetes fatigue



Some of the common symptoms of diabetes fatigue syndrome are low physical stamina, emotionally weak, and low cognitive power:

Low Physical stamina:  Low physical stamina, start taking more time to do any task than the normal person, always feel sleepy and tired, will start reducing your physical activity, and always feel heaviness.

Emotionally weak: Low motivation levels, low confidence in everything, always feeling bored even in your favorite activity, start showing less interest in everyday activities. It is also noticed besides feeling low they also seem to be in a depressed mood

Low Cognitive power: Slow thinking process, less concentration power, Low mental endurance, Not paying attention to work.

How to manage Diabetes Fatigue or its treatment:

 To Manage fatigue in diabetes, the very first thing to do is to control your blood sugar level. Change your diet, and stop eating high EGL, high carbs food like grains, Rice, and Potato. Instead, start following this:

  • Start eating nutrient-rich food that is low in carbs like vegetables. One meal of the day must be uncooked so that you get natural micronutrients directly. 
  • Add a good source of protein to your daily diet that has a Low EGL value like diabexy sugar control atta. It is made with nuts, seeds, protein, and fibers.
  • You can also try Diabexy Gluten-free atta if you are sensitive to gluten. Diabexy gluten-free atta is made with nuts, seeds, and other gluten-free ingredients. 
  • You can also try Diabexy basics. Diabexy basics have many vitamins and nutrients that are required for a diabetic person. 
  • Before coming to any conclusion, it's better to consult a doctor if it is diabetes fatigue. you can book a consultation with us by clicking on the link. 



If you follow these simple steps, you can easily manage your fatigue and become a non-diabetic person but remember before coming to any conclusion 1st consult with your doctor.


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