Side Effects of Cholesterol Medicine | Actual cause of High Cholesterol

 In previous blog, Why Diabetics get High Blood Pressure | Does Salt causes Blood Pressure we discussed diabetic people gets high blood pressure and how it is interconnected with high blood sugar level.

Nowadays it is common to hear that an increase in blood cholesterol can increase the chances of heart attack. Most diabetic patients face the same problem of high cholesterol levels. There is a clear connection between Diabetes and Cholesterol.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the possible correlation between Diabetes and Cholesterol.

What is Cholesterol:

Today people are aware of the term cholesterol, but common people think that cholesterol adversely affects our body. In reality, cholesterol is one of the important components of the body. Cells are the building blocks of our body; cholesterol plays an important role in building the outer layer of the cell which is the cell membrane. Calcium and vit D3 help in bone strengthening, and cholesterol helps in the formation of vit D3. Even male (Testosterone) and female (Progesterone and Estrogen) sex hormones have a common origin, i.e., cholesterol. 

majority of Cholesterol is not obtained from diet instead, it is produced in the liver. Around 70% of the cholesterol in the blood is produced in the liver and only 30% of cholesterol is obtained from diet. The increase in cholesterol levels in diabetic patients is due to insulin resistance. 

What is Insulin and it's impact in Blood:

Insulin resistance is nothing but the resistance shown by the cells, when there is an adequate amount of sugar already present inside the cell and no extra sugar can be accommodated inside. This in turn results in the increase of the blood glucose level. This phenomenon gives rise to type 2 diabetes.  

The increased level of insulin in the blood resulting from increased sugar levels triggers the production of cholesterol in the liver. The increase in insulin resistance decreases the uptake of cholesterol. This causes an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. The cholesterol flowing in the blood sticks to the sugar and blocks the blood vessels. This blockage occurs in the heart or any other area then there is a chance of a heart attack or stroke. The primary reason for an increase in the cholesterol in the blood is due to its huge production triggered by insulin resistance. 

To counter the increase in high cholesterol levels, various medicines are used. The most popular class that is widely used is statins. Whenever you take any allopathic medicines, there is always a side effect associated with the therapeutic effect. So, the patient with diabetes and cholesterol has to add a statin class of medicines along with anti-diabetic medication. Normally allopathic medicines for diabetes continue for a long period, which increases the incidence of its side effects.

Statins mainly work by turning down the production of cholesterol from the liver, this results in a decrease in cholesterol levels in the blood. The remaining cholesterol in the blood cannot be used by the body due to insulin resistance and less uptake. 

The side effects of long-term use of cholesterol medication include:

  • Muscle pain: People suffer from pain in different areas of the body. This hampers their daily activity and productivity. Daily millions of new cells are formed and millions of cells dies, cholesterol plays an important in the formation of cells. When statins are administered it decreases the production of cholesterol so directly or indirectly it may be a reason behind the pain.
  • Increase in blood sugar level: Stains increase the blood sugar level, to compensate for the increase in blood sugar, more or higher dose of anti-diabetic medication is necessary. This may increase the insulin resistance. 
  • Liver damage: Statins may impart more pressure on the liver, thereby disrupting its normal function and may cause damage to the liver.
  • Erectile dysfunction: In males, cholesterol medication can give rise to erectile dysfunction. 
  • Memory loss: Some people may experience memory loss on long-term use.

The treatment of diabetes along with high cholesterol is not everyone's cup of tea, as there are many side effects associated with it, which are very difficult to manage. If you want to know the side effects of statin you can search for it on Google. Don’t become a blind follower, you know better than anybody about your body's needs and you should act accordingly. You must listen to everybody and after analyzing every aspect you should decide what is good for you and your health, don’t become a blind follower become a student first. The more you gain knowledge, the more you will discover interesting facts about diabetes and cholesterol. 

Changing of diet to low glycemic load food items may help you to reverse your diabetes and lower cholesterol levels as well. 

Reverse your Diabetes:

Going on a carbohydrate-restricted diet may help you to reduce the sugar in the blood. Which may also help you to maintain your body weight and metabolic activity of the body. Thousands of people have successfully reversed their diabetes with low glycemic diets, you can find testimonials on our website. You can also join our diabetes reversal program and avail a free consultation from dieticians and doctors who will support you in diabetes reversal. You can purchase our EGL Chart to reverse your diet.

As 90% of patients suffer from type 2 diabetes, the concept of insulin resistance was put forward by Dr. Gerald Reaven in 1990. Now you have to take the initiative to walk forward in diabetes reversal, The Diabexy team is there to support you in every phase of diabetes reversal. With Knowledge and discipline, you can make the change in yourself.

The majority of the population like to have snacks with tea in the morning or evening. Many of them prefer to have biscuits with tea. Due to a lack of knowledge and awareness among the common people, the population with high cholesterol also practices the same. Marie biscuit, one of the easily available biscuits available at the market has a negligible amount of protein and fats but the proportion of carbohydrates is high. If a patient with diabetes ignores its carbohydrate content and has it regularly then it can increase insulin resistance and cholesterol levels. On the other hand, having peanuts can reduce the increase in insulin resistance as it is loaded with proteins and fats and has a minute amount of carbohydrates making it a low glycemic load food item. Peanuts do not influence the cholesterol level. 

Having low glycemic load food items is not only good for reversing diabetes and managing high cholesterol but also good for physical and mental health. Pre-diabetic patients should shift to low glycemic load food items as soon as possible to bypass the diabetic phase. Those individuals who don’t have diabetes can also move towards low glycemic load food items for a healthy lifestyle. Now in this era, it is not difficult for you to search for low glycemic load food items on the internet, the glycemic load chart of Diabexy includes 300 food items color-coded with respective glycemic load values of each food item. At Diabexy you can get a wide range of food products, specially crafted for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. So, don’t wait order now from our website

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