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Diabexy EGL Chart - [DOWNLOAD]

Diabexy EGL Chart - [DOWNLOAD]

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You know that excess sugar intake in the diet can cause blood glucose to rise hence every diabetic person wants to reduce his sugar consumption in the diet, but is there any easy way to calculate how much sugar is present in a food item? The answer is ..YES, it’s the EGL value of the food item.

How much sugar/glucose is present in a food item can be calculated with the help of the EGL value of that food item. 1 EGL is equal to 1 gram of glucose. Hence the lesser the EGL Value of a food item, the better it is for sugar control. Diabexy EGL Chart contains EGL values for more than 300 food items.

Are you ready to take charge of your diabetes by adopting smart dietary decisions? Look no further than Diabexy's EGL chart (Estimated Glucose Load Chart), a must-have tool designed to help you on your way to improved blood sugar management. Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome to a healthier, more balanced way of living.


Diabexy recognizes the necessity of understanding how different meals impact your blood sugar levels. That is why we created this detailed EGL CHART, which has been carefully constructed to offer you the necessary information. With this chart at your service, you can make informed decisions regarding your meal planning, ensuring they meet your dietary objectives.


User-Friendly Design:

Our chart has been meticulously developed to be user-friendly. Each food item is properly labeled, along with its EGL Value. The user-friendly structure makes it easy to discover the information you need, making it suited for both beginners and experienced diabetics.

Extensive Food Database:

Diabexy's EGL Chart offers a wide range of dietary products, from essentials like fruits and vegetables to trendy processed meals. With over 300 entries, you'll have a wide selection of alternatives to help you plan your meals successfully. Our team of professionals refreshes the chart regularly to guarantee you get the most up-to-date information.

Sugar Control Without Medicine

Imagine a time when you don’t have to take any medicine to control sugar levels. Every individual has a limited capacity to use sugar/glucose in the body (Glucose Tolerance Limit) if a person consumes a lesser quantity of glucose than his body can handle then he will not need additional medicines. Counting and reducing the glucose load of daily food is a very critical factor in sugar management. For strict sugar control, it is advisable to keep the daily EGL of the diet below 25 including all the meals and snacks. This EGL Chart will help you in controlling your daily glucose intake. 1 EGL = 1g Glucose

Convenient & Portable ALL-IN-ONE CHART (HbA1c Chart, BMI Chart, Glucodata Chart, HOMA)

The EGL Chart is available in 2 variants, one is a downloadable PDF file, and the other is printed on paper. Both are Convenient and Portable. EGL Chart is ideal for use at home when eating out, or grocery shopping. Just download a copy on your mobile and use it wherever you need. The chart also contains a lot of other information along with the EGL chart. How much insulin resistance is present in the body can be calculated with the help of the HOMA IR formula, and how many beta cells in the pancreas are working can be calculated with the help of the HOMA-BETA formula. Both are given in the chart.


Diabetes management does not have to be difficult. Diabexy's EGL Chart is an important ally in your quest for improved health. It enables you to make more informed decisions, better manage your blood sugar levels, and, most importantly, live a more confident and energetic life. Don't allow diabetes to take over your life. Download Diabexy's EGL Chart today and begin your road to a better, happier life. Make each meal a step toward better blood sugar control. 

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