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Diabexy EGL Chart - [Download]

Diabexy EGL Chart - [Download]

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List of Low Glycemic Index/Load Foods

Are you ready to take charge of your diabetes by adopting smart dietary decisions? Look no further than Diabexy's EGL chart. This Diabexy food chart contains a glycemic load of Indian foods of more than 300 daily usable food items. Now you can create your diet plan according to your choice by checking the glycemic load of foods. This EGL chart divided the food items into three categories green, yellow, and red, where green represents safe food items that you need to eat, yellow indicates that you can eat occasionally but not daily, and red indicates food you have to avoid.

1 EGL is equal to 1 gram of glucose. Hence the lesser the EGL Value of a food item, the better it is for sugar control.

The Glycemic load chart tells you the sugar level of food items and helps you to make better food decisions. A good glycemic load for diabetics is 25 per day including all snacks and meals. If you exceed this limit, then it might increase your blood sugar level. So, this glycemic load Chart will help you in controlling your daily glucose intake. 

Diabetic Diet Chart

Now you don't have to go for any consultation for your diabetic diet plan. Now you can create your free diabetic diet plan by your choice of food items. The Glycemic index indicates the quality of carbs in a food, it is a measure of how fast a food increases the blood sugar levels. So, eating the appropriate amount of good-quality carbs is necessary to manage insulin levels, blood sugar, and weight. That is why we created this detailed EGL Chart, which has been carefully constructed to offer you the necessary information.

With this chart at your service, you can make informed decisions regarding your meal planning, ensuring they meet your dietary objectives. This EGL Chart helps you in making your appropriate diabetic diet chart.

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