Real Reason behind Heart Disease or Heart Attack | Cholesterol is not bad

In our previous blog, First step toward Diabetes Reversal | Why few people are not able to Reverse Diabetes we discussed the first and most important step to reverse you diabetes. In today's blog we will discuss the real hidden cause of Heart attack and how it connects with the Diabetes.

Reasons for heart disease in diabetes

When we try to figure out what causes heart disease, we often get caught up in complex medical reports, looking at things like HDL, LDL, and cholesterol levels. But do we really know who's to blame for heart attacks in diabetes? Let's take a journey to uncover the real causes of heart diseases through interesting stories that have shaped our understanding of cholesterol.

The Discovery of Cholesterol

In 1957, a scientist found a substance called cholesterol from a gallbladder stone. Furthermore, research showed that cholesterol is present in various parts of the body. People soon realized it is present in common foods like egg yolk, meat, milk, and oil, but not in fruits and vegetables.

Cholesterol in Soldier's blood vessels during World War 1

During World War I in 1914, scientists again found cholesterol was present in the deposits inside the blood vessels, of soldiers hospitalized after injury. This discovery sparked curiosity about the role of cholesterol in the human body.

The Rabbit Experimenting

In a significant study, scientists fed rabbits a diet rich in meat, fish, and eggs, discovering that cholesterol was causing artery blockage. However, when rabbits were fed an all-vegetarian diet, blockages still occurred. This led to a deeper search for the true reason behind cholesterol-induced artery blockage.

The Insulin Connection

Fast forward to 1990, Dr. Gerald Reaven presented a concept of insulin resistance and he shed light on a new perspective of heart disease and blockage in blood vessels. He said that insulin resistance is the primary cause of diabetes, excessive cholesterol, and heart diseases. He published his findings about Insulin Resistance Syndrome in many Journals.

Understanding role of the Cholesterol in heart disease

Looking into scientific journals, we learn that 75% of cholesterol comes from the liver, and the rest comes from our diet. When insulin levels rise, the liver produces more cholesterol, leading to heart disease, diabetes, blockages of blood vessels, and eventually, heart attacks.

Understanding Lipoprotein: The Cholesterol Carrier

LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) play crucial roles in transporting cholesterol. The liver creates lipoprotein bags containing cholesterol, these bags transport cholesterol through blood and deliver them to various organs. LDL cholesterol goes to various organs, while the unused cholesterol is called HDL cholesterol which returns from other organs to liver. The process of delivering the new cholesterol to the organs and returning the unused cholesterol to the liver is important to maintain good health.

The Insulin-Cholesterol Connection Unveiled

Studying the connection between insulin and cholesterol uncovers a five-step process that can lead to heart attacks. 

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