What is the Normal Blood Sugar Level? Chart by Age


There is a lot of misunderstanding about the normal range of blood sugar levels. Diabetes coaches at Diabexy also receive many queries about what the normal blood sugar level for adults should be if they are diabetic, and if they are non-diabetic. What are the normal blood sugar levels for young people, or old age people? 

Today let’s try to understand it clearly and clear our doubts about the ideal range of blood sugar levels for every age group. 

What is the Normal Blood Sugar Level?

normal blood sugar level range


There is an important word in medical science which is called homeostasis. Homeostasis is the process of keeping all body parameters in the normal range for the best survival of a person. For example, our body makes a lot of adjustments to maintain body temperature in the normal range, and blood pressure in the range similarly to maintain blood sugar in the normal range because the person may die if this goes out of the range. If the body temperature goes below 85 degrees Fahrenheit or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then survival is difficult.  

Similarly, maintaining Blood sugar levels is an important part of our Health and if it is not maintained then a person will have a lot of other metabolic diseases as well. You know the Consequences of High Blood sugar levels like kidney failure, fatty liver, eye damage, nerve damage, and many more. 

Ideally, the normal blood sugar level is 100 mg/dl, but Normal blood sugar levels may vary slightly from age to age, but it should never cross the normal range. Learn more about blood sugar levels and when they should be measured. 

Fasting blood sugar levels:-

A person should give a blood sample to check blood sugar levels only after a minimum 10-hour of gap from the last eaten meal. This range should be between 80 mg/dl to 99 mg/dl. If it is above this range then it will be called prediabetes. If a person is young say 30 years of age then blood sugar should be in the range of 80 - 85 mg/dl if a person is in age of 60 yrs. then it can be in the range of 85-90 mg/dl, and if a person is 80 years old, it can be in the range of 90-95 mg/dl. At no age, the fasting blood sugar should cross 99 mg/dl. Just understand this At no age blood sugar levels in the prediabetic range is normal, they should always be within the defined limits.

Postprandial or 2hr after-meal blood sugar:-

Another important blood sugar reading is 2hr after a meal in general terms called PP sugar. The ideal PP Sugar reading should be taken 2 hours after drinking 75g of pure glucose in 200ml of water. Nothing else should be eaten during those 2 hours except plain water. The blood sugar reading should be in the range of 120-140 mg/dl. At any age, this range should not be crossed. At a young age, it can be near 120 mg/dl, and at an older age it can be near 135 mg/dl but at any age, it should not cross 140 mg/dl.      

Anybody can remain in the non-diabetic range of blood sugar levels if he/she starts following disciplined eating habits from a young age. Health should be a primary goal in our lives because our existence is associated with our bodies. 


The Result of High Blood Sugar Level:-

Now some of us might be thinking what would happen If you kept your blood sugar high or did not maintain the normal blood sugar level let’s say you are keeping your blood sugar level to something like 200 mg/dl or 180 mg/dl then, please try to understand the very basic problem the blood flow through the blood vessels.

As the sugar level increases, the thickness of the blood will also increase, and thicker blood means it will move slowly in the blood circulation. As blood becomes thicker and slower, the heart needs to apply more force to pump it. The heart needs to beat faster and harder every time, this will put a lot of work burden on the heart and the heart will get some diseases, such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. Hence maintaining normal blood sugar is good for the heart

Diabetes can indeed be reversed but it takes a long-term commitment to disciplined eating. Diabexy can help you in the journey, we provide free consultation from diabetes coaches, and you can also low glucose load food products from the e-commerce website Diabexy. To learn more about diabetes reversal subscribe to our YouTube channel diabexy. 




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