My Journey to Reversing Diabetes with Diabexy - Testimonial by Sanjeev Shashtri

Blood Pressure Level: 120⬇️
Weight: 78 to 68⬇️

Mr. Sanjeev Shashtri from Gujarat, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels by connecting with Diabexy.

Sanjeev Shashtri from Gujarat, I would like to share my diabetes journey. I was experiencing many medical complications due to early onset diabetes and facing a lot of disappointment. Then I connected with Diabexy, and they gave me hope that my diabetes could be reversed. I watched the educational series by Mr. Lokendra Tomar (founder of Diabexy) on Diabexy’s YouTube channel and gained valuable knowledge from Diabexy’s dietitians.

Through their guidance, I became free from all diabetes-related problems. I regularly use Diabexy’s products like Diabexy Sugar Control Atta, Diabexy Sugar-Free Sweetener, Diabexy Reversol, and more. Diabexy Atta changed my life—I lost 10 kg, going from 78 kg to 68 kg. All my medications stopped within a month. My blood pressure is now a normal 120. I had no hope of reversing my diabetes, but it became possible because of Diabexy.

Today, I feel very healthy and happy thanks to Diabexy. I am very grateful to Mr. Lokendra Tomar and his Diabexy team.


We are thankful to Mr. Sanjeev Shashtri for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level.

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