Diabexy Helped Me To Reverse My Diabetes - Testimonial by Mr. Narendra

HbA1c: 5⬇️

Mr. Narendra Brokar, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels & HbA1c by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “I was diagnosed with diabetes in November 2019, with a blood sugar level of over 300. In December, I had a heart attack and underwent angioplasty surgery. I started watching videos to find ways to manage my diabetes, but none were satisfying. During this time, I discovered the Diabexy YouTube channel.

I began following their diet plan by watching their YouTube videos. Within the next three months, I was able to stop my medication. Every three months, my HbA1c kept dropping below 5.7. I used Diabexy Atta and other Diabexy products. Additionally, I received consultations from a Diabexy dietitian and followed his advice. My HbA1c is now around 5.

I manage my diet and meal timings carefully. I have roti made from Diabexy Atta in the morning and evening. I feel that my diabetes has been reversed. I recommend everyone connect with Diabexy to reverse their diabetes in the simplest way.”


We are thankful to Mr. Narendra Brokar for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level & HbA1c.

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