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Mrs. Poonam, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared her successful experience of reducing her sugar levels from 270 to 160 by connecting with Diabexy and using Diabexy Atta.

She said “First of all, sir, thank you very much. My greetings to your entire team. Your goal of eliminating diabetes by 2047, will definitely succeed in that, and we are all with you. I took this section on June thirteenth. Before this, I used Diabexy after watching the video. Earlier, my sugar level used to be between 250-270, and fasting was never controlled until today. I have been diabetic for the past thirteen years and I have been doing yoga and walking, and also eating bitter melon. I didn't have the right knowledge of things. Neither did my diabetes get controlled by medicine nor by any diet. But Diabexy's Atta helps in controlling diabetes, there is truth in it. To reverse diabetes, we will have to work hard ourselves, but with Diabexy, sugar control will happen. Whoever says that Diabexy only sells flour, and those who do Lokendra sir's program are doing it to sell the product, I will say that is 100% wrong. I have tried many things, but now my sugar level is 160 just by using Diabexy Atta. I used to take one medicine, but now I have stopped that too because I know that the diet you recommend will control my diabetes.”

In the end, she asked a question: how can muscle stiffness in diabetes be cured?

The Answer given by Lokendra Tomar

"You can take the reversal tablet, as it will be beneficial because it contains magnesium, which helps in breaking insulin resistance."

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