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NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix, Low Carb Gluten Free - 350g

NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix, Low Carb Gluten Free - 350g

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  • ULTRA LOW CARBS: - NutroActive Keto Dosa is an ultra-low carb instant dosa mix that contain just 15% net carb as against 70-80% carbs in normal dosa batter. One dosa of NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix would contain 3g net carb if 20g Keto Dosa is used to make one dosa which makes it one of the best Keto Foods.
  • GLUTEN FREE: - NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix is gluten-free as it is made using nuts and seeds like peanuts, almond flour, flax seed, coconut, etc. So people with gluten sensitivity can also follow the keto diet easily using this Keto Dosa Mix
  • EASY TO MAKE DOSA – It is very easy to prepare Dosa using NutroActive Keto Dosa as compared to other Keto Dosa available or homemade Keto Dosa. Take Keto Dosa mix in a bowl and keep adding normal water and stirring until you get a dosa batter consistency. Spread the batter on the nonstick pan on a low flame in a circular motion. Put the flame high and cook from both sides.
  • SOFT AND TASTY DOSA:- Dosa made from NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix tastes great but the texture of the dosa will not be as crispy as normal dosa because it does not contain starch. Normal rice dosa contains high carb rice starch, making it hard and crispy on heating.
  • STORAGE:- NutroActive Keto Dosa Mix is packed in vacuum packing (which looks hard from the outside) to avoid getting rancid due to the high oil content. Store it in the refrigerator to enhance its shelf life.

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‎Peanut, coconut, flaxseed, almond, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, isolated soya protein, vigna mungo, chickpea, isobagol, guar gum, citric acid, baking soda

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