Mr. Shridhar's success story of reducing his blood sugar levels from 199 to 80 | Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program


🩸Fasting Sugar level: 199 to 80⬇️

Mr. Shridhar Mishra, one of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program, is sharing his experience of reducing his fasting blood sugar level from 199 to 80 by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “I went for a medical check-up, and then the doctor said, 'You have diabetes.' But I replied, 'I don’t know about that.' Then the doctor showed me the medical report; my fasting glucose level was 199, and my triglyceride level was 547. The doctor advised me to see a diabetologist. Then I talked to you, and you gave me a morale boost. I followed your prescribed diet. Two days ago, I checked my fasting level, and it had come down to 80, and my postprandial level was 88. I was surprised; I didn’t expect such good results. I also went to see a diabetologist. They changed my medications and suggested a new prescription, but I didn’t follow it. I am just sticking to your diet, and the results are amazing. I also stopped taking my blood pressure medication. Now, my blood pressure level is 107/77.”

We are thankful to Mr. Shridhar for sharing his story and progress on diabetes & blood pressure.

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