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Diabexy EGL Booklet - Hard Copy

Diabexy EGL Booklet - Hard Copy

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Low Glycemic Index Diet

This Booklet is a hard copy of the EGL Chart, a better print version of the softcopy. This chart is the perfect beginner guide to the low glycemic diet. This EGL chart has a list of low glycemic index foods and high glycemic index foods and helps you to decide what food to eat and food to avoid during diabetes. The Benefits of using hardcopy of the EGL chart are: 

  • A Single chart is enough for the whole family.

  • You can even use it as a gift as well for any sugar-conscious person.

  • It does not require power or devices to be viewed and can be long-lasting if preserved correctly.

A Good Guide to Good Carbs

Low glycemic index foods are the best foods for diabetic patients, and for those who want to lose weight. This low GI food chart tells you the sugar level of food items and helps you to make better food decisions. Now you can make your low glycemic index diet plan as per your requirements and control your blood sugar levels.

Glycemic Index and How it Affects Your Diet

Low glycemic index foods are the ones that would not cause any major change in the blood sugar levels. Eating low GI foods means they will not or slightly impact the sugar level. High GI food or simple sugar might give you quick energy with a rise in blood sugar but after a while, you will feel tired and get hungry quickly. 

A low glycemic diet helps you to stay healthy, improves your overall health, and prevents illness. Eating a balanced diet is better for everyone whether he is diabetic or a normal person.

Undoubtedly a good glycemic load for diabetics is 25 per day including all snacks and meals. If you exceed this limit, then it might increase your blood sugar level. So, this EGL Chart will help you in controlling your daily glucose intake.

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