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How To Manage Kidney Disease In Diabetes - Hyperkalemia | 1.30 Hrs Video Download

How To Manage Kidney Disease In Diabetes - Hyperkalemia | 1.30 Hrs Video Download

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Do you know a diabetic person who is struggling with high potassium levels? Share this video or watch it yourself. This Video presents a very friendly and renowned Diet Educator, Mr. Lokendra Tomar, he shares his valuable insights and practical strategies to manage both high potassium levels and diabetes together.

📅 Video Duration- 90 Mins.

In this comprehensive video, you will learn:

💡 Impact of High Blood Sugar Level on Kidney- you will learn the impact of high blood sugar on kidneys in this masterclass video.

⚖ Understanding Potassium Levels: you will gain a clear understanding of the role of potassium in the human body, and its importance in nerve and muscle stimulation. You will also learn how diabetes can alter potassium levels.

🥗 Dietary Strategies: you will find practical and effective dietary approaches and meal planning techniques to manage high potassium levels while managing blood glucose levels.

🔍 Identifying High-Potassium Foods: you will learn about the potassium chart per 100 g of food items which can help you manage intake in your daily diet. 

💡 Expert Guidance with Q & A Session: Benefit from Mr. Lokendra Tomar's extensive experience and expertise in the field of nutrition and diabetes reversal during the Q&A session.

Join us and take control of your potassium levels to lead a healthier life with diabetes!

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