About Diabexy

Our Mission
Our mission is to eradicate diabetes from India like polio. Everything we do is targeted to achieve our mission. We believe that it is possible to reverse diabetes with the help of the right knowledge and proper discipline.
How India Can Become Diabetes Free
It looks hard to believe that someone can get rid of diabetes, to some people. It may sound like just a marketing gimmick but once you understand the basics of diabetes, you yourself will start motivating others to reverse their diabetes because it’s possible.
The old theory of diabetes was formed in 1923 which believed that diabetes is caused by a deficiency of insulin in the body, hence it is not reversible. The new theory of diabetes, which was established in 1990, proved that type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, not due to a deficiency of insulin. Insulin Resistance is a temporary condition that can be reversed; Hence diabetes is a reversible condition. You can learn more about diabetes from Diabexy YouTube channel, it is India’s no.1 channel for diabetes education in very simple language.
How Diabexy Can Help You
We are true to our mission hence we are doing everything possible for us to do to help you. As you have learned that insulin resistance is the major cause of diabetes, and this can be reversed by changing food habits. Low glycemic load food products are beneficial for controlling diabetes because they don’t release much glucose in the body. At Diabexy we manufacture food products with low glycemic load ingredients, Diabexy atta, and Diabexy cookies are major selling products. Reversol tablet is the major selling supplement that is manufactured using ingredients that help in reducing insulin resistance. Whatever product we make, our objective is that it should have a very low glycemic load and it should help in reducing insulin resistance. We have researched and developed many low glycemic load food products available on the website, you can order them from anywhere in the world.
We believe in education for Diabetes
There is a lot of outdated information available to people even in the healthcare community hence people are not getting advantage of the latest scientific development in healthcare. We educate and spread awareness about diabetes and its reversal. You should visit our Diabexy YouTube channel to learn in simple language and you can also join our online seminars which are free, most of the time. You must read the New Theory of Diabetes book, written by Mr. Lokendra Tomar, this book is written in very simple English so that anyone can understand it.
Who should join Diabexy
Anybody who is willing to learn more about diabetes, a person with a family history of diabetes, gestational diabetes, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, a person with insulin resistance, a diabetic person with high blood glucose levels, high fasting blood sugar levels, high blood sugar after a meal, a person looking for diabetes reversal program, we have diabetes specialist doctor along with diabetes specialist experienced dietician, a fitness trainer in our team. You can also visit our Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Clinic at Gurugram Haryana, Delhi NCR.