Sugar-Free Malai Laddu for Diabetics


Sugar-Free Malai Laddu for Diabetic:-

India is a country where you can find many types of sweets, and people love them very much. However, many people suffer from diabetes and always struggle with the question of whether diabetics can eat sweets. This happens because many sugar-free sweets either raise blood sugar levels or do not taste satisfactory. But besides these, you can find some low EGL sugar-free sweets in the market that do not raise blood sugar levels and taste very good, allowing diabetics to enjoy them without any problem. Moreover, if they wish, they can also make some sugar-free sweet items at home that diabetics can comfortably consume. So today, let's learn how you can make sugar-free Malai Laddu at home.

Ingredients for Malai Laddu Recipe:- 

  • Grated paneer- 250g
  • Ghee- 1tsp 
  • Diabexy sugar-free sweetener- 10g
  • Homemade KETO condensed milk- 2 tsp 
  • Elaichi powder
  • Pistachio (crushed) 


Per 100g EGL of Ingredients used in Malai laddu recipe-

The EGL values for paneer, ghee, diabexy sugar-free sweetener, and pistachio are 0.54, 0, 1, 7.56 to Because the EGL (glycemic load) value of all the items we are using to make diabetic-friendly laddus is very low, we can use all these ingredients in the right quantity to make Malai Laddus for diabetics.

How to make Malai laddu for diabetics- 

(1) Take Ghee (1tbsp) in a kadai.

(2) Fry the grated paneer with the Ghee on low flame.

(3) sprinkle elaichi powder while frying the paneer.

(4) Add just 10gm. Diabexy sugar to the paneer (no need to add more, as the Keto condensed milk is already sweetened).

(5) As the paneer is getting softer, add two tbsp of the pre-homemade keto condensed milk to it.

(6) Once everything is mixed well, take it out and allow it to cool down slightly.

(7) Put it in a blender and mix it for smoothness & consistency.

(8) And then take out small portions with a spoon, and make laddoos (balls) in hand as per your desired size. 

 (9) you can make 12- 13 Ladoos easily out of it. 

(10) Garnish it with crushed Pistachio or any other nuts of your choice. 

(11) Use it for Prasad or just enjoy as it is with family & friends.

Your super delicious and healthy Malai Ladoo is ready, which you can enjoy without guilt. Now, any diabetic who has cravings for sweets can indulge in this sugar-free sweet without any hesitation.


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