How Diabexy Helped Me Overcome Diabetes - Testimonial by Ms. Indira Nair

Ms. Indira Nayar, one of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program, is sharing her experience of reducing her blood sugar level by connecting with Diabexy.

She said "I have been diabetic since 2000. I have been taking oral medication since 2000 and started using insulin in 2014. However, both medications are now discontinued thanks to Diabexy. I came across the Diabexy channel in November 2020 & watched all their videos, which really impressed me. I called their helpline number to seek help in planning my diabetes management. The tips that I followed showed amazing results. I applied for their Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program and was selected for the 2nd Batch. That marked the beginning of my diabetes reversal journey with Diabexy. The Diabexy Atta has given me amazing results, and I no longer miss roti in my diet. The EGL (Estimated Glycemic Load) chart helped me select the right foods in the right quantities to keep my glycemic load below 25. The exercise coach helped design my exercise plan, considering my arthritis, so I could not perform a lot of exercises. I am very grateful to Mr. Lokendra Tomar and his team for the benefits I obtained after joining the reversal program."

We are thankful to Mrs. Indira Nayar for sharing her story and progress on diabetes.

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