My sugar level dropped from 450 to 90, and Diabexy brought joy back into my life! | Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program

 🩸Sugar Level: 450 to 90⬇️

One of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program shared their experience of a significant improvement in blood sugar levels, reduced from 450 to 90, by connecting with Diabexy.

They said “For 17-18 years, I had been diabetic with a sugar level ranging from 370 to 450 when I found out. I initially started with one tablet, but now I take 1000mg in the afternoon and 500mg tablets in the morning and evening. By chance, I saw your video and started following up from the new year. Then, I ordered the EGL chart from your website and started following it, and the results were amazing. I used to crave sweets, so my son ordered Diabexy cookies for me. After three months, I tasted something sweet, and now I have started following the Diabexy diet. Currently, my sugar level stays between 90 to 150. I am feeling very happy and overwhelmed.”


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