How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly | Testimonial by Anupam Verma


How to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly | Testimonial by Anupam Verma 

In this blog, we will talk about Mr. Anupam Verma, who lives in Dehradun and retired from the telecommunications department. He is 64 years old, and in the upcoming sections of this blog, we will be sharing his success story regarding diabetes.  

In 2010, Mr. Anupam Verma found out he had diabetes after taking a sugar test, and at that time, his sugar level was 360mg/dL. Subsequently, he consulted a doctor and began taking medication for diabetes. His initial medication was Glimepiride, and over time, several medications were changed, but none of them proved beneficial. Then, in 2012, the doctor initiated insulin therapy, starting with 5 units, later increasing to 10 units, and eventually reaching 15 units. However, even with this insulin regimen, there was no significant improvement observed in his sugar levels.

In search of a beneficial treatment for diabetes, he continued exploring the internet, but so far, no effective remedy has been found. One day, while browsing YouTube, he came across Diabexy's channel. He started watching the videos and found them informative and helpful. The videos, presented by Dr. Lokendra Tomar, explained the science of diabetes in a way that resonated well with him. Mr. Lokendra Tomar explained in his videos that diabetes is not caused by a lack of insulin but rather by insulin resistance. 

Then, he started following Diabexy and ordered several Diabexy products along with Diabexy Aata. After using Diabexy Aata and other products for a few days, his fasting sugar level decreased from 170 mg/dL to 140 mg/dL, and his post-prandial (PP) sugar level dropped from 240 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL. He experienced significant benefits from using Diabexy products.

Subsequently, in November 2022, he joined Diabexy's Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program. In this program, he followed a diet recommended by a dietician and doctor. The diet aligned with the principles of Dr. Lokendra Tomar, focusing on reducing insulin resistance by following a low glycemic diet. Embracing the principles of knowledge and discipline, he consistently followed the prescribed diet, leading to a continuous reduction in his sugar levels. 

Now, his fasting sugar stays between 80 mg/dL and 110 mg/dL, while the post-prandial (PP) sugar level stays between 90 mg/dL and 120 mg/dL. This significant improvement has brought them considerable benefits. They have also successfully reduced their weight from 75 kg in 2022 to 63 kg in 2023. They now feel much more fit and express gratitude to the entire Diabexy team, Mr. Lokendra Tomar, and their dietician. They state that their diabetes is nearly gone.


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