HbA1c level decreased from 9.5 to 6.5 in months! 'Diabexy is the best place,' | Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program

HbA1c: 9.5 to 6.5 ⬇️ 

One of the participants from Mumbai in the Diabetes Reversal Program shared their experience of successfully controlling their HbA1c level by connecting with Diabexy, following its diet, and consulting with our doctors.

They Said “Firstly, my HbA1c was initially 9.5, then it came down to 8. And ever since I joined on the thirteenth of May, now it's 6.5. I am very happy, meaning I haven't found so much motivation anywhere else as I have from your team. Secondly, I wanted to tell you that weight is a major problem for me. I have also inspired many of my friends because we live in Bombay, and most people really want to join Diabexy. So I encourage them that this is the best place. My blood sugar level, which hasn't been under control for seven years, is now under control.

In the end, They asked a question "Why is my sugar level increasing after stopping the medication?"

Answer given by Lokendra Tomar

"The thing with medicines is that if we've been taking them for 6-7 years, sometimes we develop a dependence on them, and our pancreas doesn't produce sufficient insulin. If we try changing the medicines, it might work. Also, if there's insulin resistance and obesity in your body, it means that your diabetes could be reversible, and there are very high chances of reversal."


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