My Sugar Level Normalized After 10 Years - Mr. Anurag Success Story

🩸Sugar Level: 400 to 95⬇️

Mr. Anurag, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “I was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago when I was 20 years old. The doctor told me that diabetes is a lifelong disease. I started watching your videos on the Diabexy YouTube channel in 2021 and began implementing your advice. I was taking 3 tablets of Metformin regularly. At that time, my fasting sugar level was over 400. Now, my HbA1c is below 6.4, my fasting sugar level is 131, and my postprandial sugar level is 95. I use and recommend Diabexy Atta to everyone.”


In the end, He asked a question: How can one satisfy the urge for sweets while maintaining discipline?


The answer given by Mr. Lokendra Tomar


“If you want to make a sweet, use Diabexy sugar instead of opting for sugar-free sweets from other sources. Additionally, you can buy Diabexy’s Kaju Barfi and Diabexy cookies from our website. We have provided many sweet recipes on our website for you to use as a guide.”


We are thankful to Mr. Anurag for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level & HbA1c.


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