Diabexy Transformed My Diabetes - I am Off Medicine, Fasting Levels Down to 110!

🩸Sugar Level: 150⬇️
Fasting: 285 to 110⬇️
📝Medicine: 0⬇️

One of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program shared their experience of successfully discontinuing all their medications by connecting with Diabexy. 

They said, "Actually, I was diabetic since 2011. Initially, I started with metformin five hundred, then glimepiride 1mg was added. Gradually, I ended up taking glimepiride 2mg and metformin 500, both morning and evening. My HbA1c level was 10.5, Fasting was 285 and I also have a fatty liver and very high cholesterol. So, I started 16 hours of fasting. In between, I watched your video on YouTube, which I found very helpful, so I watched all your videos. I have been using Diabexy Atta for the last twenty days. So now, I have stopped taking my medication. Fasting level reduced to 110 and sugar level comes under 150"

In the end, they asked a question: Am I eligible to join diabetes reversible program?

The Answer given by Lokendra Tomar

"After seeing the results, it seems that if Insulin fasting and Insulin postprandial levels are at 2 and 4, then the pancreas isn't producing much. But if your results show that you are managing blood sugar levels by reducing the glycemic load, then that's good news. It's possible that in a few days, the pancreas might improve on its own and start increasing production. When our diet has a high glycemic load, it puts more burden on the pancreas. However, when you reduce the glycemic load, the pancreas gets some relief, which may help it heal, and production may start improving in a few days. If there's a problem with insulin production despite reducing the glycemic load, it indicates that insulin isn't working properly. In such cases, we try other options. But if reducing the glycemic load is benefiting you, then it's fantastic."


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