How I Cured my Diabetes after 8 Years | Now I am a Non-Diabetic

How I Cured my Diabetes after 8 Years | Now I am a Non-Diabetic - Diabexy

Mr. Mahesh Prasad from Maharastra was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2013, here is his story in his own words -

How I Cured my Diabetes after 8 Years | Now I am a Non-Diabetic | Testimonial Video

"I am Mahesh Prasad, from Bhusawal village, Maharshtra. I was diagnosed with #diabetes in 2013 due to which I was very disturbed. The doctor prescribed me many medicines but I avoided them and turned to ayurvedic medicines. I started Patanjali's Madhunashini before meals & Patanjali's Madhugrit post meals, my sugar levels were not controlled that much & my Hba1c was around 8.5. After 3 months my HBA1c came to 7.5 and this process continued from 2013 to 2021.

One day in April 2022, I was watching YouTube, and I saw a very good video by #LokendraTomar Sir. I watched some knowledgeful videos of Mr. Tomar where he taught the topics regarding diabetes in a very understandable manner. He also taught not to follow anyone blindly & become a student. I really liked his videos and his way of explaining. I directly ordered the #DiabexyAtta from Amazon.

I started using Diabexy Atta and monitoring my sugar levels, which started decreasing. But still, I wasn't satisfied, so I called Diabexy and they gave me free consultation & simple diet plan, including Diabexy roti + vegetable + curd for lunch and dinner & salads for breakfast. I continued this diet for 15 days and was happy to see my Fasting Sugar level which came to 120 mg/dL and PP to 150 mg/dL. But still I wasn't satisfied, so I called them again and they suggested getting my tests again in the laboratory for verification. I got the test done in lab and came to know that my #fastingsugarlevel is 78.5 mg/dL and PP sugar level was 109 mg/dL. I was really shocked and happy to see the results.

Then I joined Revertiz #DiabetesReversalprogram on 25th May 2022, my readings started to improve further. Fasting came below 100 mg/dL PP came below 125 mg/dL. I got my #HbA1cTest done, I was really happy after seeing the results of my HbA1c test, which was 5.5, depicting that I'm #NonDiabetic. I would suggest everyone to join #Diabexy. Tomar sir says JOIN DIABEXY, YOU WILL GET SOME OR THE OTHER BENEFIT but I say that Join Diabexy, you will get a lot of benefits.

At #Diabexy, we believe it is possible to #ReverseDiabetes with the support of knowledge and discipline. Let's #EradicateDiabetes from #India. We provide free consultation with our team of certified dieticians and licensed medical doctors to support your Diabetes Reversal Plan under the supervision of our mentor #LokendraTomar.

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