My HbA1c down from 8.9 to 5.6 in 3 Months - Review by Mr. Ashutosh | Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program

🩸Sugar Level: 200 to 90⬇️
HbA1c: 8.9 to 5.6

Mr. Ashutosh Jha, one of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program, is sharing his experience of reducing his blood sugar level & HbA1c by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “I've had diabetes for the past 7 years. Despite taking medication for 7 years, it seems that Diabexy has helped normalize my blood sugar levels. My blood sugar level was at 200. However, over the past 3 months, my HbA1c level has decreased from 8.9 to 5.6 with the help of Diabexy. My fasting sugar level has also dropped to around 90. On average, my sugar level is now around 114.”

We are thankful to Mr. Ashutosh Jha for sharing his story and progress on sugar level & HbA1c.

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