Mukesh's Success Story with Diabexy Atta - 'The Results Are Amazing!' | Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program

📝Medicine: Stopped

🩸Sugar Level: Controlled

Mukesh, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels by connecting with Diabexy and using Diabexy Atta to reduce them.

He said “All your products have reached me in good condition and I have started using them. Diabexy flour has shown very good results. I have been taking diabetes injections for 5 years and now I have stopped taking them because my sugar levels seem to be getting better. I would like to tell everyone that what you are doing is very good. The results I am getting now, I have never seen such results in 6 years because Diabexy flour, especially its rotis and parathas, keeps my sugar level steady. And I can confidently say that my sugar level does not increase at all with Diabexy flour, whereas with other flour, my sugar level was significantly rising.”

In the end, They asked a question: Glucometer OR Freestyle Libre CGMS - Which is more accurate?

The Answer given by Lokendra Tomar

"In my opinion, the new technology might have higher accuracy, and if we follow the Libre CGMS that you have already applied, we can determine the sugar level for the entire day."

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