My Sugar Level Dropped From 300 To 86 in 5 Days - Testimonial By Vijay Kumar

🩸Fasting Sugar Level: 300 to 86⬇️
🩸PP Sugar Level: 260 to 102⬇️
Weight: 71.9 to 68.2 kg⬇️

Mr. Vijay Kumar from Maharashtra, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “I would like to share about the journey of reversing diabetes with Diabexy. In 2019, I got sick with dengue fever and was hospitalized. During my hospitalization, I was diagnosed with diabetes. My fasting blood sugar was very high, above 300, and my postprandial (PP) sugar level was around 260 mg/dL. Despite trying multiple methods, I couldn't normalize my sugar levels. Coincidentally, while browsing YouTube, I came across Diabexy's channel and watched a video of Mr. Lokendra Tomar. I was impressed by how they explained the topic in the simplest way possible.

The next day, I ordered Diabexy Atta and contacted their free consultancy number. A dietician from Diabexy recommended a diet plan, which I diligently followed. Within five days of starting Diabexy Atta, I went for a checkup. To my surprise, my fasting sugar dropped to 86 mg/dL and my PP sugar level decreased to 102 mg/dL. It felt like a miracle to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Diabexy to anyone dealing with diabetes. It has truly changed my life. Additionally, I managed to lose weight, dropping from 71.9 to 68.2 kg in just a month. Despite eating more, my weight remains stable, and my sugar levels are under control without medication. Even my wife has started using Diabexy Atta.”

We are thankful to Mr. Vijay Kumar for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level & Weight.

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