Priya Sharma's Journey: Lowering Sugar Levels from 450 to 250 with Diabexy | Diabetes Reversal Program

🩸Sugar Level: 450 to 250⬇️
Fasting: 250 to 220⬇️

Priya Sharma, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared her successful experience of reducing blood sugar levels from 450 to 250 by connecting with Diabexy.

She said “I don't know when I have diabetes, I got tested in January and my HbA1c was 11. After that, I watched many things on YouTube where they talked about eating lots of fruits and salads, so I used to get worried about carrying them to the office because my weight is also 100 kg. I was very optimistic, but then after three months, I got a checkup and my HbA1c rose from 11 to 11.3. I was completely hopeless; I put my whole effort into buying and eating vegetables and fruits. Then, I accidentally came across your YouTube channel & joined the Program. At the beginning of April, my HbA1c was 11.3 and my sugar level was around 450. After that, I started following it, not very religiously. I follow it about 70%. I couldn't follow it for a month in between due to stressful conditions in the family. My fasting, which was 250, has come down to 220, and the sugar level, which was 450, does not go above 250 now. Thank you so much to the entire team. You are doing a good job.”

In the end, she asked a question: "Due to high blood sugar, I'm experiencing a change in my eyesight. Should I begin medication?

The Answer given by Lokesh Tomar

The day you find out you have diabetes, understand that up to 10-15% of the eyes have already been damaged. what happens is that when there is excess sugar in the blood, the protein and carbohydrates stick to the lens inside our eyes, causing it to become blurry. One spot will be blurry, then another, and slowly visibility starts reducing. So, if you control it now, it's not certain whether the blurriness will go away or not, but there will be absolutely no further damage.

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