Diabexy से जुड़ने के बाद मेरी सारी बीमारी ठीक हो गई | Lokendra Tomar

 Diabexy से जुड़ने के बाद मेरी सारी बीमारी ठीक हो गई | Lokendra Tomar

Today we have Mr. Kuljeet Singh with us, who has successfully achieved his HbA1c and blood sugar levels in the normal range. Here is his story in his own words-

"Diabexy is a mission that is based on 2 principles - Knowledge and discipline. Mr. Lokendra Tomar has vast knowledge and his team motivates to keep discipline. Mr. Lokendra Tomar has exposed the formula that excess eating of carbohydrates leads to an increase in blood sugar. He has made Diabexy products keeping in view this formula. I have experienced that by following Diabexy diet, I could reverse my diabetes and age also. There is no doubt that Diabexy products are a little expensive but after using them regularly, you will find that they are very economical as compared to medicines. Allopathic treatment is actually very expensive and it has a lot of side effects. Diabexy not only helps in controlling blood sugar but also helps in living a disease-free life.

When I joined Diabexy, my HbA1c was 7.8 and sugar was above 250. After 2 months my HbA1c came to 5.2 and sugar also came to 120 in normal range. Now I am able to live a disease-free life. In addition to this, I could get rid of all my little health-related issues. I request people to join Diabexy so that they can also live a disease-free life."

If you are struggling with Diabetes and want to change your life, connect with Diabexy and book a free consultation with Diabexy's Diabetes Coach on www.diabexy.com


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