From 21 Years of Diabetes to Success: Neeta Mehta's Story with Diabexy

🩸Sugar level: 180⬇️

Ms. Neeta Mehta, one of the participants in the diabetes reversal program, is sharing her experience of successfully controlling her blood sugar levels by connecting with Diabexy.

She said "First, I want to thank you for motivating me, it really helped. I also motivated others, like my cousin, who stopped taking medicine. She watched all the videos on the Diabexy YouTube channel and felt so motivated. I've had diabetes for 21 years, and my HbA1c was 8.2, but now it's going down. My doctor advised me to keep my sugar level below 180, and I'm managing to do that. I'm feeling very hopeful and sticking to the Diabexy diet, which is really helping me. Diabexy Atta is amazing; it doesn't increase my sugar level."

In the end, she asked a question: How can I join the program and order products from abroad?

The answer given by Mr. Lokendra Tomar

“We have many clients from abroad. No matter which country you're in, simply match your timezone with the Indian timezone and attend the program. You can place orders through our website, and we can deliver anywhere in the world.”

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