Mr. Debanand's Journey to Reducing Blood Sugar from Over 200 to 110 with Diabexy

🩸Sugar level: 200 to 110⬇️
📝Medicine: 0⬇️

Mr. Debanand, one of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program, is sharing his experience of controlling his blood sugar levels and stopping his medication by connecting with Diabexy.

He said "I have had diabetes for 8 years. At the end of December, accidentally, I watched your YouTube video. Officially, I started using Diabexy from the first of January. My medication was stopped in the first week of January. Now, my blood sugar level is under control. My fasting glucose levels used to range between 90 to 110, and my postprandial levels revolved around 110 to 130. Previously, they were higher than 200."

He asked a question: Can beta cells be regenerated?

The answer given by Lokendra Tomar

"Beta cells, which are found in our pancreas, multiply and increase in number by itself. If 100% beta cells are available and diabetes develops in your body, approximately 40-50% of beta cells may die. This process doesn't happen immediately; there are multiple stages. Some cells completely die, some are on the brink of death but still alive, and some remain healthy. It's possible to regenerate and restore the damaged cells to health. When their cell mass increases, cellular regeneration begins in our body. New skin and bones can form within three months, and new nerve cells within a year, demonstrating that regeneration is continuously occurring in our bodies. By reducing the burden of sugar on our pancreas, it can create space and attempt to regenerate itself. There's a possibility that it can regenerate if you maintain your condition. Additionally, dietary supplements can add to help this regeneration process."

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