My sugar level dropped from 319 to 100 in 4 month - Sanjeev's sucess story

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Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, one of the participants in the Diabetes Reversal Program, is sharing his experience of reducing his blood sugar level by connecting with Diabexy.

He said “For the past four months, I've been using Diabexy. It's helped me control my sugar levels, as well as solve issues like high blood pressure and overweight. Five years ago, in 2017, my fasting sugar level was 103 mg/dL, my PP sugar level was 120 mg/dL, and my HbA1c was 5.3. My doctor told me I was borderline and advised me to cut back on sugary foods. I followed their advice, but my sugar levels kept increasing every year. By 2021, my fasting sugar was at 241 mg/dL and PP sugar at 319 mg/dL. When my doctor saw these numbers, they immediately prescribed medication. However, I got tired of relying on medication and decided to search for solutions online. That's when I discovered Diabexy and learned about the concept of "diabetes reversal" for the first time. I gained a lot of knowledge about diabetes through Diabexy's YouTube channel. I ordered and started consuming Diabexy Atta, and also joined Diabexy's Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program. As a result, my fasting sugar levels dropped to the range of 90-100, and my PP sugar levels fell between 110-120 in just four months. I'm continuing to follow the diet, and I believe I can reverse my diabetes completely. I highly recommend that anyone with diabetes should consider joining Diabexy, as it can lead to positive results.”

We are thankful to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level.

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