Why Diabexy Atta is so effective in controlling sugar | Does Diabexy atta contains medicine | Q&A 8

Q&A  – 8

Consumers of Diabexy Atta see results very quickly with a very positive impact. A few of our subscribers have commented asking if Diabexy Atta is this effective, is there any chance that there are diabetes medicines in it?

In todays video, we will discuss the below questions -

1. Why Diabexy Atta works like a magic. Does it contain medicine?

2. Is Diabetes Reversible?


Diabexy Atta works like a magic. It helps in controlling blood sugar immediately because it is made up of ingredients that do not increase sugar levels after entering the body. It does not contain any medicine. In order to understand why it does not increase levels we need to understand how does sugar levels increase in our body.

Does drinking water increase blood sugar?

The answer is No.

Does breathing air increase blood sugar?

The answer is No.

Does eating Food increase Blood Sugar?

The answer is Yes

The Glucose which is there in our Food increases blood sugar. It does not mean that only white sugar will raise blood sugar. Food like poha, daliya, cornflakes, grains and pulses can also raise blood sugar because they contain glucose. There are major 3 components in our food - Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates. When we eat Fat and Protein, it is not converted into sugar but when we eat carbohydrates, it is converted into glucose inside our body.    


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