Wheat Rice Flour Alternative for Diabetic Patients | Q&A 1

In this video, we have taken the following questions which people have asked repeatedly in the previous videos –

1. What to eat in Diabetes if grains are not allowed?

2. Can we eat sugar-free in Diabetes?

3. Can we do intermittent fasting for diabetes?

4. How is Gluten for a Diabetic patient?

5. Is it possible to reverse type 1 diabetes?

Whatever we design any diet for diabetic patients, it has to be a carbohydrate-restricted diet. Diabetic diet can be of different types like vegetable diet which is used in Naturopathy, vegan diet, keto diet, high protein diet, LCHF Diet, etc. All these diets are carbohydrate-restricted diets. So one golden rule for a diabetic diet is that it has to be a low carbohydrate diet. However, in India, the majority of our food consists of grains and sugar which are very high in carbohydrates. When we ask people not to eat gains, they ask what should we eat if we can not eat rice and chapatti.  

Inspired by their demand, I designed a flour that is low in carbs and also tastes good which is Diabexy Atta. Wheat Flour consists of 65% net carbohydrate. Diabexy Atta contains 15% carbs which means Diabexy Atta contains 80% less carbohydrate than wheat flour. and Diabexy Atta will have 80% less impact on blood sugar.  

Diabexy products are specially designed for diabetics. They help in managing blood sugar levels while supplementing your daily nutritional requirement. With over a decade of research and development to develop low glycemic load food products, we believe that it is possible to reverse diabetes with the help of healthy eating habits and a disciplined lifestyle.

We provide free consultations with our team of certified dieticians. Click Here to book a Free Consultation with our Diabetes Coach. 



Diabexy Atta Review By Sharks | Shark Tank India | Diabexy On Shark Tank India





Diet Plan for Diabetes Patients

Early Morning - Drink 1 liter of warm water


  • Option 1 - Vegetable Salad
  • Option 2 - Stuffed Paratha (Diabexy Atta) with curd
  • Option 3 - Any Egg Dish


2 Roti (Diabexy Atta) + Any Veg + Curd + Green Salad


  • Option 1 - 2 roti (Diabexy Atta) + Any Veg + Salad
  • Option 2 – Paneer Tikka with Butter
  • Option 3 – Vegetable Soup / Vegetable Sambhar
  • Option 4 - Non Veg Dish with Salad



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