Is Keto Diet Safe for Diabetic Patients | Q&A 53

Is Keto Diet Safe for Diabetic Patients | Q&A 53


What is Keto Diet?

Can Keto Diet be used in Diabetes?

Does Diet Diet helps in controlling blood sugar?

Is Keto Diet Safe for Diabetic Patients?

In ancient times, fasting was used to treat a disease called Epilepsy. From 1921-1940, the Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet was used to treat Epilepsy. Generally, our body utilizes glucose to make energy but in the Keto Diet, the body releases ketones which are used as fuel for energy. In 1997, a film called " First Do No Harm" was made which was based on Keto Diet. In this film, an 8-year-old boy who was suffering from Epilepsy was treated and cured with the help of Keto Diet instead of the main allopathic medical system. After 1997, Keto Diet became very popular across the globe because of its health benefits in various diseases like Diabetes, Weight Loss, PCOD, high cholesterol, dementia etc.

The question whether Keto Diet can be used in Diabetes or not can be answered in the affirmative. Keto Diet can be used in Diabetes. However since Keto Diet is a very restrictive diet, it is very difficult to follow for a longer period of time. It can be done for a short period but is not easy to follow lifelong. Diabetes is a long-term problem. It takes a very long time to reverse diabetes. It might take any time between 6 months to 3 years and after that also you need to control your sugar intake to remain healthy.

So in my opinion, if you have to follow a diet for the long term, it should be easy to follow without many restrictions so that the complaint rate is high. In Diabetes, you should follow a diet based on glycemic load. Keep your glycemic load less than the glucose handling capacity of your body and your problem is solved for lifelong.

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