Does Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) Increase Blood Sugar | Q&A 55


 We received a few questions regarding Khapli wheat from our viewers -

What is Khapli wheat?

How does it impact blood sugar?

Is Khapli Wheat good for Diabetics?


If you are searching for the answer then this video is for you. Before we do a detailed scientific analysis of khapli wheat, we need to understand its history.

So, Wheat is a 7000-8000-year-old grain and Khapli wheat is one of its varieties. Mainly 3 grains Rice Maize and Wheat are used across the globe. Since the world's population was constantly rising, there was a requirement to increase wheat production. So around the year 1960, a new variety of wheat was invented and the green revolution came into the entire world. In India green revolution came around 1965 and under the leadership of Mr. M S Swaminatha the production of wheat was doubled overnight. Today India is the second largest producer of wheat.

The new variety of wheat was promoted by the food industry since it was easy to make bread, biscuits, and other snacks from the new variety. Today few companies are promoting the old variety i.e. khapli wheat due to its nutritional advantage over normal wheat.

Does Khapli Wheat really have an advantage over normal wheat? We have done a detailed analysis of the nutritional value of khapli wheat and normal wheat. Watch this video to know the correct answer.









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