Does Keto Diet or High Fat Diet Increase Cholesterol | Q&A 54

Does Keto Diet or high fat diet Increase Cholesterol

A lot of people use the Keto diet to reduce body weight. Keto Diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet. Generally, people have an apprehension that too much fat will lead to a rise in cholesterol. Is it true? If you are in search of answers to this question, this video is for you.

If we are talking about Cholesterol, let's find out where does this cholesterol come from? You will be surprised to know that 75% of the cholesterol in our body is made by the liver. Our Liver manufactures 75% of the total cholesterol in our body. Only 25 % of the cholesterol comes from our diet, which means the food that we eat.

Now the question arises, why does our Liver make extra cholesterol if it is not required by the body. Our body produces more cholesterol under the influence of the Insulin hormone. When the level of Insulin in our body is high, the Liver produces more cholesterol because insulin is a growth hormone. So, it the Insulin Resistance that leads to high cholesterol and not a high-fat diet. Insulin Resistance is developed in our body because of excess carbohydrates that we eat and not fat.


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