A BIG Myth - Millets are beneficial for Diabetic Patient| डायबिटीज में बाजरा सही नहीं | Q&A 6


We are frequently asked by diabetics - Are Millets good for Diabetes?

It is a big myth that millets are good for Diabetes. A Diabetic should take only low glycemic load food and Millets have a very high glycemic load. In this video, we have tried to answer that why few grains like millets, black wheat, khapli wheat, and oats are not good for Diabetes. A very simple formula has been disclosed to find out whether any food is good or bad for Diabetes.

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At Diabexy, we believe it is possible to reverse diabetes with the support of knowledge and discipline. We provide free consultation with our team of certified dieticians and licensed medical doctors to support your Diabetes Reversal Plan.

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