Our Journey on Shark Tank India


Shark Tank India is a big television show and thousands of people want to participate in it but only a few people get there. We got a chance to share our mission and showcase our products at Shark Tank India. It was a great experience participating in the show. We found the Shark Tank India team and all the sharks to good, understanding, and cooperative.


When we shared Diabexy's mission with the Sharks, they felt very good. The Sharks Mr Peyush Bansal, Founder & CEO of Lenskart and Mr Anupam Mittal CEO of shadi.com, shared their views about Diabexy in the show.


Diabexy manufactures food products like Atta, Cookies & snacks whose glycemic load is 80 to 90 per cent lesser as compared to normal food products available in the market, which means it has 80-90 less impact on blood sugar. Two years back, we started Diabexy, and today around 4 lacs are associated with Diabexy and are trying to manage or reverse their diabetes.


Diabetes is a very big problem our country is facing and this problem cannot be solved with pills and injections. Diabetes, therefore, has found a solution that people can do at home, but it requires knowledge and discipline. Diabetes cannot be reversed without discipline. That's why at Diabexy, we create a lot of educational content and explain scientific information related to diabetes in simple language so that more and more people know about it.

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