Is Low Glycemic Load Diet suitable for Type 1 Diabetes | Diet Plan Type 1 Diabetes | EDU-23


In case of type 1 Diabetes, he body does not produce insulin for some reason and insulin injections needs to be take from outside. Since the body does not produce insulin, type 1 Diabetes can not be reversed. However, insulin doses can be managed with the help of diet. This video talks about the diet plan which can be followed in case of type 1 diabetes.

We focus on sharing knowledge so that you can tailor make you own diet plan.


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I am based in Germany.
I must say that lot many information are not told by doctors and they hide the information so that the patients remains in dark.

This is very logical and informative.

I wish – One day in future you may get recognizance from PMO Office !!

Santosh Chaturvedi

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