Is Diabetes Causing Yellow Nails? Why it happens

If you are a diabetic and notice a change in the color of your nails… don't worry. Let's learn the reason why the color of your nail changes to yellowish, Greenish, or Blue. Is there any real connection between diabetes and nails?

Is diabetes causing yellow nails

The short answer is Yes, diabetes causes yellow nails. There is a direct connection between diabetes and the color of your nails, it's not only for diabetes but nails are the window to your health. They have a direct connection with many of your health issues. If you start noticing any change in nail color that means you are having some problems in your health it can be through lack of vitamins, Proteins, or high blood sugar.

Reasons for the Cause of Yellow Nail in Diabetes

We all know that diabetes or high blood sugar makes our blood thicker and thick blood moves slowly in the arteries. Thick and slow-moving blood cannot reach the end point of nails hence that end point remains devoid of proper nutrition which it should get if blood circulation is easily reachable there. Lack of nutrients in the area kills some cells hence the color of tissue changes.  

Let’s make it simple, our nails are made up of Protein and minerals like Iron, Zinc, and calcium. The High sugar levels in blood and protein in nails together start a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is known as glycation. The color formed is called AGEs (Advanced glycation end Products).

Other reasons for the change in nail color in diabetes 

Reasons of change in nail color


There could be some more reasons for color changes in nails. Let’s look at them.  

  • Yellow color nails might be due to fungal infection. The thickness of Blood in diabetes makes it difficult to circulate in the patient's body which in turn starts creating space between the nail plate and the nail bed and that gap is the breeding place for a variety of fungus. In Scientific terms, we name this process Onychomycosis. It is a fungal infection of the nail unit commonly found in diabetes patients compared to non-diabetic patients. It can happen to any nail fingernails or toenails
  • The blue color of the nails is associated with a lack of Oxygen. The case of Poisoning may also cause bluish nails.
  • Lack of blood supply to our nails may cause swelling or redness around our nails which we call Paronychia in Science. Pitted nails may also be caused by a lack of protein supply to our nails.
  • A deficiency of Zinc causes white lines in our nails. This is also the most common problem among people. It not only happens to diabetes patients but can also be seen among non-diabetic patients.
  • A deficiency of vitamin Biotin may cause rough lines on the nails.
  • Deficiency of Iron may change the Shape and color of nails.

Diabetic Nail Care

Now we know the problem but how to solve it. How to treat these yellow nails or any change in nail color. It’s easy to solve the problem of yellow nails if you can keep your blood sugar levels in the non-diabetic range.  

  • Learn about the EGL value of the food and start counting them. Keep the whole day EGL of food below 25 per day. To know the EGL value of food items, download the EGL Chart.
  • Replace your regular atta with Diabexy sugar control atta. Whole grain atta or multigrain atta contains a lot of grains hence their EGL is very high but diabexy atta is made with nuts, seeds, fibre, and protein hence EGL value is 80% lesser. 
  • Consult your doctor to treat fungal infections. There are many antifungal drugs available for immediate relief.  

Changing the diet will control your sugar levels and taking some medicine for fungal infection will give good results but don't underestimate the power of cleanliness. Personal hygiene is an important part of diabetes care.  

Diabetic patients should meet a doctor or podiatrist to get their feet checked twice or thrice a year. Some points to be noted for the daily foot care.

  • Every day wash your feet with warm water with separate soap and clean it with a separate clean cotton cloth.
  • Buy a new pair of shoes whose soles are soft and well-fitted. Always wear them while going outside or moving inside. This will help you to protect yourself from further enhancement of infection and swelling and do not forget to check any dust or sand while wearing shoes.  
  • Starts doing regular leg and foot exercises at least 15 to 20 minutes a day for better blood circulation.
  • If you have a problem with nails then do not cut them by yourself, ask any doctor to get it done. 

These were the hygienic precautions and diabetic nail care suggestions from our side. If you have any doubts, you can book a consultation with our Diabexy experts by clicking on the link.



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