मस्से या Skin Tags आपकी Skin पर क्यों हो जाते हैं | Skin Problems Among Diabetics | EDU-29

Educational Series EDU - 29

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मस्से या Skin Tags आपकी Skin पर क्यों हो जाते हैं और इनसे कैसे निपटा जाए. What is the relation between skin tags and blood sugar? What causes skin tags on neck? What is the actual cause of skin tags? Why skin problems are common among Diabetics. These are the few questions about skin tags that we have tried to answer in this video. Skin Tags is one the early symptoms of diabetes. This video explains the actual or root cause of skin tags and what can be done to get rig of this skin tags in the most simple and scientific manner.

Because of high insulin resistance, diabetics are prone to skin conditions. If we keep the glycemic load of our food low, it will help in lowing the insulin resistance and skin problems.


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